Morning Bites: Clarice Lispector’s Advice Column, Praising Julie Klausner, Where to Eat in 2013, and More

“She wrote an advice column for a Rio paper with tips such as ‘Act as if your problems don’t exist,’ and ‘No matter how French your perfume is, it’s often the grilled meat that matters.'” Rachel Kushner writes about Clarice Lispector for Bookforum.

Speaking of, uh, bad bitches, Azealia Banks posted a new song.

The New York Times lauds Julie Klausner’s podcast How Was Your Week for “treating the trivial with apocalyptic gravity.”

This New Yorker profile of Apollo Robbins, a “pickpocket of almost supernatural ability,” is just delightful.

Sarah Ruhl wrote a play about the correspondence between Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell.

Adam Platt drops his Where to Eat feature for 2013, and we drool over the picture of Pok Pok Ny’s whole fish. We won’t comment on his timeliness in ordaining Brooklyn’s restaurant scene.

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