The Look Of “The Orange Eats Creeps”

Of note: Michelle Tea has assembled a lookbook for Grace Krilanovich’s 2010 novel The Orange Eats Creeps.

As we await the forthcoming novel that Krilanovich alludes to in this interview, it might be worthwhile to remember just how vital The Orange Eats Creeps (and the themes and images it contains) remains. Specifically, note this quote from Krilanovich’s Book Notes at Largehearted Boy:

 …the hijinks of shock rockers (male) is telling because even here, at the very edge of decency, there was a glass ceiling. They say nothing’s shocking any more, but I promise you if a woman did any of the things late-period GG did on stage people would freak out. They would try to stop her. Any of that cutting shit, you can’t do. A woman making herself bleed on stage, punching herself in the face with the mike? Forget it.

There’s still a lot to think about here. Here’s hoping Krilanovich’s next novel will be every bit as challenging, if not more so.

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