We’re Hanging out With Ian Svenonius at WORD on Monday

We like to sometimes joke that the Golden Era of Washington, D.C. punk could be identified as the time when many of the scene’s best-known musicians and thinkers had names that were three letters or less. Ian MacKaye, J. Robbins, H.R., Guy Picciotto, etc. Ian Svenonius is part of that group, and like them, he has held our attention for years. From the moment when we first heard 13-Point Plan to Destroy America by his first band Nation of Ulysses to today with the release of his second book, Supernatural Strategies For Making a Rock ‘n’ Roll Group (Akashic), Svenonius has long defied any sort of label attached to him, and is easily one of the most interesting and intelligent people working in the punk/indie/whatever underground to this day.

Vol. 1 is proud to host Mr. Svenonius at WORD this coming Monday, January 28th.  And for those who aren’t totally familiar with his work, we present a few examples of why we hold the guy in such high regards.

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