Afternoon Bites: Martin Scorsese and NYRB, Matthew Dickman on Mary Ruefle, Baltimore’s Literary History, and More


“This is a book not just for poets but for anyone interested in the human heart, the inner-life, the breath exhaling a completion of an idea that will make you feel changed in some way.” Matthew Dickman on Mary Ruefle’s Madness, Rack, and Honey.

Will Sheff makes the case that a televised Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show concert from 1974 is his preferred “cinematic document of a rock and roll band.”

Martin Scorsese is making a documentary about the New York Review of Books.

A.N. Devers finds Baltimore’s literary history and fondness for football at odds.

Matt Davis is turning New York’s history into music.

Someone returned The Fire of Francis Xavier to a NYPL branch after 55 years.

Joe Winkler looks at David Foster Wallace’s Both Flesh and Not.

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