Afternoon Bites: Interviews With Teddy Wayne & Ian Svenonius, Eric Raymond Reviewed, Epic Kate Beaton, and More

“…I experienced the same slew of emotions I think most first-time writers do when my debut novel came out: excitement, but also anxiety over its emergence into the public. I started thinking about how actual celebrities negotiate the stresses of their much higher-stakes jobs–and then wondered how an adolescent might handle it.” Shelf Awareness interviewed The Love Song of Jonny Valentine author Teddy Wayne.

New nonfiction from Sean H. Doyle: “The Day Walt Disney Died.”

Ian Svenonius talked Supernatural Strategies with Pitchfork.

The Lit Pub has a look at Eric Raymond’s Confessions From a Dark Wood. As one might expect, we are fans of the novel in question.

Kate Beaton riffing on Janet Jackson is as brilliant as you might expect.

Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours was reissued, and Jessica Hopper reviewed it for Pitchfork.

Unemployed Reporter Beer: a thing that now exists.

Silent Drape Runners talked with Nina Sky at Ad Hoc.

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