Morning Bites: T.S. Eliot’s Letters, Orson Scott Card’s Homophobia, Dwight Garner’s Burns, and More

We hope you’re nursing your SOTU hangovers with juice, coffee, or the only SOTU one really needs.

A long lost letter from renowned creepy genius (and word game enthusiast, per the above picture) T.S. Eliot has been found.

Dwight Garner bares his teeth in his NYT review of Jamaica Kincaid’s latest novel, saying it “asks little of us, and gives little in return.”

Over at BOMB‘s blog, Hoa Nguyen talks about what her poetry takes from dreams, Leonard Cohen, and Time Zone’s “World Destruction.”

Orson Scott Card, noted homophobe, has been hired by DC to write for the Adventures of Superman series. Some people are not happy about that. Somewhat related: Orson Scott Card once wrote a version of Hamlet where Hamlet’s father was a gay pedophile. Huh.

Pissed Jeans have a new album, and Pitchfork interviewed them.

Oh, yeah, it’s fashion week in New York. Brush up.

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