Afternoon Bites: Elizabeth Ellen Interviewed, Jessica Hopper on Labelle, “White Album” Art, and More

Rob Clough on the return of Henry & Glenn Forever.

“The breaks in the bridge are devastating—just drums, horns and three women taking their diva holler to the limit, singing as if their lives, or at least the night, depended on it. It’s as feelgood as dance music ever got, but Labelle were singing about life as it was lived, demanding love and dignity as human rights.” Jessica Hopper on Labelle.

Bookslut’s Jessa Crispin has a new book on “expats and ex-countries and ex-selves” forthcoming on University of Chicago Press.

Rutherford Chang is interviewed about his Beatles-inspired installation We Buy White Albums.

“I am working on trying to figure out how to write this damned novel. I keep thinking of this scene in Wonder Boys in which Katie Holmes’s character tells Michael Douglas’s character that writing is about making choices and he isn’t making any. I think the choices are the hardest part.” Necessary Fiction interviewed Elizabeth Ellen.

Paul Constant interviewed Matt Ruff on a range of topics, including Ruff’s upcoming foray into the Lovecraftian.

The Believer talked with The Howling Hex.

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