Afternoon Bites: Jess Walter’s Latest, Sonic Youth’s Live Album, “Minimum Wage” Returns, Nick Cave Protest Song, and More

“For all that Walter is frequently lauded as a humorist, the best stories in We Live in Water play the simple emotional chord of men just trying to do their best.” Alison Hallett on Jess Walter’s new collection We Live in Water.

Hyperallergic on Nick Cave’s protest song.

Richard Nash on the business of literature.

“This is the beautiful paradox of Sonic Youth: making their instruments sound like everything that a guitar ought to be capable of creating, while simultaneously using them in such a way that they’re almost unrecognisable as being guitars.” The Quietus on Sonic Youth’s Smart Bar Chicago 1985.

Bob Fingerman’s comic Minimum Wage is coming back into print.

What is the novella? A group of writers at AWP decided to find out.

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