Afternoon Bites: Double Dagger Alumni, Ben Greenman’s Latest, Besnard Lakes, and More


“Part of the slowness of this book was my reaction to technology. Things have sped up, in a way, with all our connectedness. Now if you want to reach a friend or relative, you can in 20 seconds. When you correspond by letter, you only have the other person’s letters, unless you’re crazy and keep copies of your own. So you always need the other person, their memory, to complete it.” Royal Young talked with Ben Greenman about his new novel The Slippage.

Brandon Weigel looks at the disbanding of Double Dagger, and the new projects that arose from it.

“” At Pitchfork, Matt LeMay on the legacy of The Exploding Hearts.

Teddy Wayne chatted with Allison Amend, Amy Brill, Jennifer Gilmore and Fiona Maazel at Salon.

“I write characters that are technically loathsome but who are still people because these are the people that I know. Growing up in a small town with fucked up people, I’ve seen people do things that you would think would be dealbreakers, but they keep coming back to the parties, keep getting invited.” Talking fiction with J. David Osborne.

Katy Hendriksen on the latest from Besnard Lakes.

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