Band Booking: Talking Toronto Music and DFW with Odonis Odonis


Odonis Odonis is a fantastic noise-rock band from Toronto that mixes the vampiric growl of lead singer Dean Tzenos with a variety of instrumental moods and tempos, ranging from the rockabilly-postpunk of EP-opener “She’s A Death” to the jittery death disco of “Better”. Released two years after their well-received debut Hollandaze, their new offering, Better, is a textured and multifarious amalgam of postpunk styles, skilfully produced and structured to keep listeners guessing what they’ll hear next.  I caught up with the band just after they played Shea Stadium in Bushwick.

What’s the band up to right now?

We’re currently on tour with Metz and just released a new EP, Better.

We’re a literary blog, so what are the books you guys are reading?

Super Flat Times by Matthew Derby and Gremlins by George Gipe.

Are there any literary influences that intersect with your musical work? 

We had a conversation with Dave from the Soupcans about the book Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, and how it mesmerized and horrified him. After every live show we play, I take a moment to reflect on Dave’s face during that conversation . . .

How do you like playing and working out of Toronto?

One of best music cities going these days.

Do you feel like the music industry has changed? How do you like it?

I think its easier for bands these days to keep control over their work. The role of labels has changed. Bands aren’t in the dark about how the industry works and are better informed on how to make decisions regarding working with labels or not. At least they should be.  The industry isn’t dead by any stretch, but everyone has to continue to adapt.

Odonis Odonis’s new EP Better is available now from Buzz Records. 

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