An Exchange Between Barry Hannah And Wells Tower


BH: Kawasaki 1500. It’s the best bike I’ve ever owned. It’s just a joy. You want a beer?

WT: Sure. That’d be great.

BH: I got Miller in glass, and I got straight Bud in a glass.

WT: I’ll take the Bud.

BH: Sit here. It’s a good chair.

WT: Are you mostly working on the typewriter these days?

BH: Always. That’s all I use. Pencil, pen, and typewriter. I put a tin roof out here just for the rain.

WT: It’s a great sound. I wish you could get it on a white-noise machine.

You can read the entire interview over at The Believer’s website, or you can read it along with over twenty other perfect examples of authors talking with authors (Joan Didion, Aleksandar Hemon, Bret Easton Ellis, Sheila Heti, etc.) in the magazine’s new collection, Always Apprentices.

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