Steve Erickson’s “Concepts Within Concepts”

Steve Erickson

I think it’s safe to say that we’re longtime admirers of novelist Steve Erickson, from Arc d’X, his phantasmagorical take on historical change, to Zeroville, his novel of Hollywood in the 70s. His latest book, These Dreams of You (as well as his ebooks available from Open Road Media), abounds with everything from musings on art to economic anxiety to David Bowie.

So this short video on Erickson, in which he speaks about his writing process, is instructive — and, in its own way, very telling about the abstract ways in which his plots unfold. “I don’t find perfection especially interesting,” he says — and that, as much as anything, neatly describe the appeal of his work. His novels aren’t seamlessly plotted; rather, the dreamlike pull of their plots has its own impeccable allure.

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