Afternoon Bites: Black Sabbath, Literary Cheeses, Bad VHS Covers, Tom Drury Interviewed, and More


“Once I understood I was free to use the setting as a stage — to bring in elements from Vermont, say, or Key West, or anywhere — and that my version of the Midwest would not be obliged to represent the actual Midwest, then it seemed like the place offered all the freedom I needed, with the added benefit of being well remembered.” Tom Drury talks Pacific at the New York Times.

Zachary Lipez on Black Sabbath.

The Dissolve looks at video jacket art that wildly misses the mark.

The literary equivalents of ten noteworthy cheeses.

A group of artists is looking into collectively purchasing a building in Bushwick.

Kate Beaton will be illustrating a YA novel.

An examination of Scott Snyder’s comics work.

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