Morning Bites: Alice Munro Is Probably Done, Element Art, Danilo Kis, Los Crudos Photo Book, And More


Alice Munro might be done writing.

Rachel Kushner talks with The Millions.

The Pacific Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library lives to fight another day.

“And yet, when the film ended and the lights came up in the Walter Reade Theater, I found myself tearing up. I had been bored, and I had also been inexplicably moved. How? (Or rather, why?)” – Jillian Steinhauer goes to see Hannah Arendt.

“Kis’s work is gripping, a set of clever modernist experiments with a frequent core of deadly seriousness; imagine Kafka encountering the Holocaust, or Borges visiting the Gulag without losing a sense of humor and you have a rough approximation of Kis’s accomplishment.” – We must read the new Danilo Kis biography.

All the basic elements of the universe together in one convenient display.

We must get this Martin Sorrondeguy photo book.

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