Afternoon Bites: Matt Bell Interviewed, Nick Harkaway on Doctor Who, Lena Dunham Mixtape, Lady Pickpockets, and More


“When you’re seventeen, you can do anything because you’re young enough to get away with it and old enough to know the best kind of trouble. I think that’s what I like most about that age in a teenage boy’s life. There’s all kinds of trouble.” Jodi Angel talked about her collection You Only Get Letters From Jail.

At The Airship, Sarah Bennett looks at graphic novels by Joe Sacco and Guy Delisle set in Israel and Palestine.

Don Giovanni Records co-owner Joe Steinhardt made Waxahatchee fan Lena Dunham a mixtape.

We will read a piece titled “Lady Pickpockets of the Barbary Coast,” yes.

Nick Harkaway on writing Doctor Who.

Matt Bell was interviewed on the Bat Segundo Show.

The Lit Pub is running a prose contest.

Vulture has beach reading recommendations.

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