Afternoon Bites: Hoax Literary Brawls, Lost Orson Welles, Ken Baumann’s Playlist, “Clear History” Reviewed, and More


Jenni Fagan’s Book Notes for her novel The Panopticon features Nick Cave and X-Ray Spex.

“…the movie also feels at time like an extended all-star jam episode of “Curb”.” Alan Sepinwall on Larry David’s Clear History.

A lost Orson Welles short film has been found.

A look at a plaque commemorating a nonexistent fight between Burroughs and Kerouac over the oxford comma.

At Tin HouseTana Wojczuk revisits Alan Sillitoe’s The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner.

Ken Baumann made Electric Literature a playlist.

Tyler Coates has some LGBT nonfiction recommendations for you.

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