Afternoon Bites: BKBF Recaps, Joshua Ferris Interviewed, “Doctor Sleep” Reviewed, Girl Trouble Reissued, and More


K Records will be reissuing Girl Trouble’s debut album Hit it Or Quit It.

Here are some photos of Melville House’s day at the Brooklyn Book Festival. Bedford + Bowery also has a recap up of the event.

Two Dollar Radio will be making a move into film production.

“Granted, horror has always shared a border with camp—but in this book, it shares a border with every camp. This is, I think, the thing King gets best, and that the timorous and censorious resist: that horror is just part of the human mix.” Kathryn Schulz on Doctor Sleep.

Colin Dickey visited Amsterdamøya for Lapham’s Quarterly.

Joshua Ferris chatted with The New Yorker.

Joyland has reprinted a Scott McClanahan story originally published in 2010.

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