Afternoon Bites: Victor LaValle, Zorn & Patton at the Met, Michel Gondry Interviewed, Polvo Returns, and More


“It will drive anyone crazy to live in isolation. Shirley Jackson wrote much the same thing in the opening of The Haunting of Hill House. I like that both Shirley Jackson and “Teck” might understand that same truth.” Victor LaValle discussed weird fiction with Specter Magazine.

Kevin Pires looks at the government shutdown’s effect on culture, and Lapham’s Quarterly looks at the historical precedent for the shutdown.

No big deal, just John Zorn and Mike Patton hanging out at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Karen Dietrich’s “Rowing” is a stunning piece of writing.

Doug Mosurock on the latest from Polvo.

Michel Gondry talked with Gothamist about working with Noam Chomsky and Dave Chappelle. An adaptation of Ubik also comes up.

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