Morning Bites: Neutral Milk Hotel Returns, Mellow Pages Fundraiser, Kyle Minor Talks Narrative, “The Decline of Western Civilization, Part I,” and More


“Narrative — the making of stories out of a set of choices about what of the near-infinite supply of time and event from which the story-maker might choose — is in many ways the pursuit of arrangement of parts in ways that life itself won’t allow without a brain grinding on a problem.” There’s a fine essay by Kyle Minor at HTML Giant.

A report from Neutral Milk Hotel’s first show in fifteen years.

Mellow Pages Library has launched a fundraiser.

Sean H. Doyle and Dana Rossi previewed Tuesday’s Greatest 3-Minute Food Service Stories event on Arts & Seizures.

Eric Nelson on the soundtrack of The Decline of Western Civilization, Part I.

Ryan Chapman on The Creators Project, Google, and the overlap between technology and musicians breaking through in this day and age.

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