The Time Man Forever and William Basinski Collaborated


It would be hard to think of two artists who we’re more fond of at Vol.1 Brooklyn than Kid Millions and William Basinski. One is the drummer whose work with Oneida and Man Forever; the other is the composer behind such works as The Disintegration Loops and A Red Score in Tile.

As part of this year’s Ecstatic Music Festival, the two collaborated, and WQXR has images from their performance up now, as well as a recording, which you can hear below. Think mesmerizing rhythms and dreamlike clouds of feedback; equally effective on the cerebral level and the visceral one.

Also of note: Ryonen, Man Forever’s collaboration with So Percussion, is out now on Thrill Jockey, and a reissued version of Basinski’s Melancholia is due later this month on Temporary Residence Ltd.

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