Checking Out “Dismal Plight” at Cleopatra’s


Do I like visual art? I do. What about sequential narratives? Those, too. This is probably why I so enjoyed  Dismal Plight, which features work from Jonas Lipps and Mark van Yetter. It’s currently on view at the Greenpoint gallery Cleopatra’s through June 8th. The gallery refers to it as “[a] series of etching and linoleum prints loosely employ the format of a comic book as a means to create a narrative” — and that’s a pretty spot-on description.

The show involves solo work from Lipps and van Yetter, but the sequential works that the two made in collaboration sit at the heart of it. They hang there, brightly colored, laying out a fragmented, dreamlike story. Maybe the dream of a story? There’s does seem to be an underlying logic; actually putting that into words isn’t quite as easy. But it’s definitely worth your time.

(Two details from Dismal Plight follow.)

cleopatras_02 cleopatras_01

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