Weekend Bites: Eileen Myles, Tom Bissell on William T. Vollmann, The Case Against “Relatability,” Perec and Brainard, and More


“When I discovered that a story could go someplace and talk about how it feels, and a novel could be lots of other kinds of writing patched together — that you could just say this is a novel and it would be true because the artist is the arbiter, then I could pretty much write my own ticket.” Eileen Myles talked with Full Stop.

Rebecca Mead vs. “relatability.”

At The New Republic, Tom Bissell wrote about William T. Vollmann.

Faith Erin Hicks talked about adapting YA fiction for comics.

How Joe Brainard’s I Remember influenced Georges Perec.

Wendy C. Ortiz on the reception her memoir Excavation has received to date.

Revisiting Henry Roth’s Mercy of a Rude Stream, at Tablet.

Amber Sparks was interviewed at American Short Fiction.

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