Morning Bites: Stuart Dybek, Downton at Hogwarts, Ian Svenonius on Hoarders, Rebecca Solnit Wisdom, and More


Don’t forget that our own Jason Diamond is interviewing David Yow (The Jesus Lizard, Copycat) tomorrow at WORD.

“Why would one have a bookshelf when Google has taken all the book content in the world to be dispersed through their beneficent magnanimity? Books are heavy, dirty, dusty, and disintegrate into your lungs. Why should there be encyclopedias when there is the WikiWorld?” – “All Power to the Pack Rats” by Ian Svenonius 

Some Rebecca Solnit wisdom to start of your week.

“[N]ot only our most relevant writer, but maybe our best.” – Darin Strauss on Stuart Dybek at the New York Times.

Lord Grantham meet Harry Potter?

 This reminds us that we really need to watch The Battered Bastards of Baseball on Netflix.

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