A Revitalized Featherproof Books


Chicago’s featherproof books has, over the years, released excellent books from the likes of Blake Butler, Lindsay Hunter, Amelia Gray, and Tim Kinsella. (Full disclosure: I contributed to their minibook series several years ago.) This summer has brought with it the news that Kinsella will be taking over the press. In a recent interview with Chicago, Kinsella discussed his plans:

We release our first two books next spring. Jessica Hopper will be releasing the first criticism collection ever by a living female rock critic, which seems like such a minor historical thing to have not happened. I’m excited about that. We’ve also got a novel by J.D.K. Goodman coming out. And then, next fall, Mairead Case has her book coming out.

That seems like the definition of “a solid beginning,” as things go. And it’ll be a fine thing to see new work coming out regularly from featherproof once more.

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