Afternoon Bites: Zadie Smith on Manhattan, Dan Harmon, Lars Iyer’s Playlist, Eimear McBride, “Small Town” Debuts, and More


“There’s no way to be in good faith on this island anymore. You have to crush so many things with your mind vise just to get through the day.” There’s a new essay from Zadie Smith at the New York Review of Books.

Jordan Ginsberg on Dan Harmon, narratives, and the villains of the stories we tell.

Aaron Gilbreath ate nothing but chocolate for a day.

Lars Iyer has created a playlist for his novel Wittgenstein Jr.

At The BelieverEimear McBride has some great things to say about Agota Kristof’s The Notebook.

A second Guggenheim location in New York is on the way.

The first issue of Brenna Ehrlich’s zine Small Town is available, as well as All Ages Press’s debut release from Motel TV.

Tobias Carroll reviewed Brad Zellar’s novel House of Coates.

The Quietus revisited Jesus Lizard’s Down.

At Pitchfork, a look at EMA’s zine Back to the Void.

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