Afternoon Bites: Victor LaValle, David J. Morris Interviewed, Yvonne Owuor on Storytelling, and More


“It really would be possible to fuss over a book forever, if only because I could always find some other way to describe a character or turn a phrase. It really comes down to exhaustion.” Victor LaValle was interviewed by Jenna Leigh Evans.

Jane Hu and Jen Vafidis discussed the latest single from Carly Rae Jepsen.

At Brittle Paper: notes on a recent lecture from Yvonne Owuor.

Elisabeth Donnelly interviewed David J. Morris about his new book on PTSD.

New writing at The Paris Review Daily from Sadie Stein.

Rookie checked in with Seattle’s Chastity Belt.

Philip Sherburne ventures into some notable music for the organ.

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