Two July Events: Sandwich Stories and 20 Years of Being Clueless


This July, Vol. 1 is proud to present two very unique 3-Minute Story events. The first celebrates the release of our first zine for our Julius Singer imprint, and the other celebrates the greatest teen movie ever with our friends at Refinery 29.

3-Minute Sandwich Stories (July 7th) 

To celebrate the release of our first Julius Singer Press release, “Sandwich Stories,” we’ve invited a handful of writers we love to spend three minutes on the Housing Works stage talking about one of most wonderful things we can think of: sandwiches.

Rahawa Hale

Jen Vafidis

Jazmine Hughes

Maggie Serota

Adam Chandler

Jaya Saxena

Rachel Fershleiser

Lisa Lucas

Kat Kinsman

Anna Hezel

Helen Rosner

July 7th, Housing Works. Free RSVP at Facebook

20 Years of Being Clueless (July 22nd) 

I don’t want to be a traitor to my generation…: 3-Minute Stories Dedicated to the Greatest Teen Movie of all.

Amy Heckerling’s Clueless had all the trappings of a ’90s summer hit: Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, and Brittany Murphy working mini-skirts and prescient girl-power (secretly fueled by Jane Austen), Paul Rudd planting trees and listening to complaint rock, a computer that helped pick out each day’s outfits, a soundtrack spanning from Coolio to Counting Crows, and some of the most quotable lines of all time. It’s a movie totally of it’s time—and yet, here we are today, still completely obsessed.

On July 22, join Vol. 1 Brooklyn and Refinery29 as we pay tribute to nostalgia of the most timeless variety with the latest installment of The Greatest 3-Minute Story series. We’ve asked twelve of our favorite writers to tell a story in 180 seconds—about the greatest teen movie of the 1990s. And, since it doesn’t say RSVP on the Statue of Liberty, you don’t need to RSVP here, either. Come one, come all!


Rahawa Haile

Sarah Seltzer

Neha Gandhi

Tyler Coates

Jaime Green

Maris Kreizman

Danielle Henderson

Niina Pollari

Hazel Cills

Naomi Fry

Bex Schwartz

At: Refinery 29, 225 Broadway 23rd floor! Join on Facebook for more info.

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