Strange Cookouts Can be Found in the Trailer for Eli Horowitz’s “The Pickle Index”


Earlier this year, I talked with Eli Horowitz as part of a longer piece about collaborative novels. At the time, The New World, a novel that he and Chris Adrian wrote, had just been released. He mentioned that a new book, written by him alone, would be due out later in the year.

This fall will bring with it The Pickle Index, a novel to be released in a variety of formats: a trade paperback via FSG Originals, a digital edition, and what Horowitz calls “a fancy high-concept hardcover” via Sudden Oak Books. He regards the changes in format as essential to the project as a whole: “It’s re-imagining the core story for each of these formats. It’s the same basic text, but exploring how the form and the story shape each other.”

The Pickle Index is now out, and a trailer for it takes us into a decidedly strange backyard barbecue. You may never see s’mores the same way again.

Also, writers take note: having a Thao & the Get Down Stay Down song in your trailer is never a bad thing.

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