Afternoon Bites: Kelli Jo Ford, Nostalgia and Literature, Martha Anne Toll, Vigdis Hjorth Excerpted, and More

"Crooked Halleujah" cover

At Shondaland, Erika T. Wurth wrote about Kelli Jo Ford’s Crooked Hallelujah.

If you’d like to contribute to relief efforts for the wildfires in Oregon, here’s one place to look.

MEL Magazine delved into David Berry’s new book about nostalgia.

At Fiction Writers Review, a conversation with Laura van den Berg.

Martha Anne Toll has won the 2020 Petrichor Prize.

3:AM published an excerpt from Vigdis Hjorth’s novel Long Live the Post Horn!

At Bandcamp, Ned Raggett makes the case for why you should listen to And Also The Trees.

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