Books of the Month: January 2024

January 2024 Books

It’s a new year, apparently. January can be a strange month for books; this one is no exception, but that’s meant in the best way possible. Where else can you see cult classics, cinephile thrillers, and J.G. Ballard-inspired horror fiction in one place? Here are some suggestions if you’re looking to get some reading done this month — and we’d wager that if you’re here, you probably are.

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“They’re More Like Recreations”: Scott Esposito on Bridging the Literary and Cinematic

Like much of his work to date, Scott Esposito’s new book The Doubles evades easy categorization, yet also overwhelms the reader with a sense of its author’s personality and aesthetics. It encompasses several years in Esposito’s life, weaving in his impressions on one film that he saw in that year. The resulting book blends artistic disciplines, gives a fantastic sense of its author’s approach to film, and does a number of bold things with narratives along the way. I asked […]

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