Vol. 1 Brooklyn’s February 2021 Book Preview

February 2021 books

It is quite snowy in our corner of the world right now. Remember winter? Winter apparently did. We’d say that it’s the perfect time to curl up with a book, but you’ve probably figured that out on your own. This month brings new books from a number of our favorite writers, along with some highly anticipated debuts and a few books capable of transporting you to an entirely new time and place. Here are some of our favorites.

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Vol.1 Brooklyn’s Best of 2018: Fiction

The fiction we admired most in 2018 ran the proverbial gamut from thought-provoking surrealism to evocative realism. Some illuminated the present day or recent past, while others ventured into much more uncharted territory. Some took us to unimaginable psyches; others showcased how ordinary people dealt with the extraordinary. Here’s a look at ten of our favorite works of fiction this year.

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The Poetics and Pain of Brandon Hobson’s “Where the Dead Sit Talking”

Like the tone of my favorite guitarists, some authors possess voices I immediately recognize. Brandon Hobson belongs to that list. Gloom, bizarre events, and beautiful-yet-unpretentious writing are the translucent shellac covering of a style that hides a raw, beating heart full of longing at it’s center. In Where the Dead Sit Talking, Hobson is once again in fine form, delivering a lyrical, somewhat brutal, and very touching coming of age story set in rural Oklahoma in the late 1980s.

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