“The Wanting Was a Wilderness”: A Trail Guide For the Memoirist

Alden Jones cover

From the moment Cheryl Strayed picks up her only remaining hiking boot, chucks it off the side of a ridge and continues her trek up the 2,653-mile-long Pacific Crest Trail, Strayed has any reader with a sense of adventure hooked into her best-selling memoir, Wild.

(Am I doing this whole book review thing right by first talking about a completely different book than the one I’m reviewing? Yes, in this case:) 

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In Search of Whatever: On Rob Spillman’s “All Tomorrow’s Parties”

I’m not sure if Americans being reluctant to get out and see more of the country and world is strictly a post 9/11 thing, like we’re not safe here, but we’re way less safe anywhere else, or if it’s always been this way. All I know is that I don’t see that many great books about stepping out of your comfort zone and into the back of a car or hiking for miles. There are glimmering examples, memoirs that have […]

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