Vol.1 Brooklyn’s August 2020 Book Preview

Vol.1 August 2020 books

Apparently it’s August now. Apparently summer has turned the corner and is beginning its slow approach into autumn. Nominally these things are happening, but the passage of time has gotten a bit strange lately. Still, there are plenty of books, and that’s an excellent thing. Do you like powerful, resonant nonfiction? August has that covered. What about surreal, high-concept fiction? Also around. Here are a few of the books we’re most excited about that are due out this month.

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Vol.1 Brooklyn’s September 2018 Book Preview

Remember autumn? Remember the existence of a season not characterized by overwhelming heat and humidity? We’ve heard whispers that such a season might be on the way, and that signs of it might even be visible this month. Consequently, we have some reading recommendations for the coming month, from new editions of vital speculative fiction to experimental prose to works that explore human relationships. Here’s a look at some books that might be just the thing to read outdoors as […]

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