Uncanny Fiction in the Wake of Unspeakable Violence: On Natanya Ann Pulley’s “With Teeth”

"With Teeth" cover

At what point does fiction become horror fiction? Is there some immutable border, some checklist of elements to be tallied, that propels a particular story or novel out of the realm of the disconcerting and into that of the outright horrific? Certain notable collections, including Jac Jemc’s False Bingo and Amelia Gray’s Gutshot find a balance between deft narrative construction and something both ineffable and unspeakable. That’s the space in which Natanya Ann Pulley’s new collection With Teeth occupies as well: meticulously written, while all the while abounding with glimpses of the bizarre and brutal.

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“I’m Looking For the Surreal Moments of Real Life”: An Interview With Jac Jemc

Jac Jemc

Whether she’s navigating the secrets people keep from one another or venturing into the world of the uncanny, Jac Jemc has established a particularly haunting corner of fiction where she explores the unpredictable and disquieting. This week brings with it the release of False Bingo, her second collection of short fiction, and one which demonstrates Jemc’s impressive range as a writer. I talked with her about the collection’s origins, her work in both the supernatural and realistic, and caught a glimpse of what might be next from her.

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Vol.1 Brooklyn’s October 2019 Book Preview

Vol.1 Brooklyn October Preview

Besides the promise of cooler weather, pumpkin spice everything, and sweaters on the rise, what does October have to offer? If you’re looking for new books to read, the answer is “plenty.” This month brings with it candid and harrowing memoirs, stunning short fiction, and expansive novels — a fantastic array of literary work to carry you into the autumn. Here’s a look at some of our most-anticipated books for the month.

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