Haunted by Memory Itself: Karen Stefano on Writing “What a Body Remembers”

Karen Stefano

Karen Stefano‘s memoir What A Body Remembers is an absolutely harrowing literary work. Initially it focuses on Stefano’s experience of an assault and what came next — but it turns into something even more complex as the years go by. Stefano explores questions of justice and empathy throughout the book, and there’s a moment towards the end that made me gasp in shock. I talked with Stefano about the origins of her memoir, its structure, and the themes she grapples with within it.

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Vol.1 Brooklyn’s June 2019 Book Preview

What does the month of June have in store for us? When it comes to books, plenty. A few debut novels we’ve been excited about since they were first announced, some new works by longtime Vol.1 Brooklyn favorites, and some works in translation that promise to expand our horizons. Here’s a look at some of the books that have us most intrigued for the month to come.

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