Checking In With Lauren Denitzio of Worriers


It’s been a busy year and change for Worriers‘ Lauren Denitzio. Their band has released two albums since the beginning of 2023: Warm Blanket and Trust Your Gut. Worriers is now on the road sharing bills with Alkaline Trio and Drug Church, and Denitzio’s excellent newsletter Get It Together is a go-to source for musings on the creative life and terrific musical recommendations. As Worriers makes their way across the country, I checked in with Denitzio about their latest albums, life in California, and tour reading.

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Vol.1 Brooklyn’s November 2014 Books Preview

As the year turns the corner into November, the array of fantastic, challenging books available to read continues. Our picks for our most highly-anticipated books for the month include investigations of the art world and irreverent takes on literature; a novel of grief and the open road and a novel of families falling apart; the return of one of America’s greatest living authors and a collection of some of the best essays written in the last few decades. Alternately: it’s a particularly […]

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