Inside the Uncanny Histories of Robert Kloss

Robert Kloss

Late last year, Inside the Castle published new editions of two novels by Robert Kloss: The Woman Who Lived Amongst the Cannibals and A Light No More. Describing either book isn’t easy — Kloss combines the hallucinatory history of acid Westerns with the linguistic experimentation of Caroline Bergvall’s Drift. The overall sensibility is both fragmentary and all-encompassing, unlike anything else out there today. With these new editions made more widely available, I chatted with Kloss about the process of putting them together and exploring what might be next for him.

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History as Phantasmagoria as Now: An Interview With Robert Kloss

The last time I talked with Robert Kloss, his novel The Revelator had just been released. A hallucinatory story of American history, religious fanaticism, and violence, this novel unsettled on a host of levels. This year brings with it a new edition of his earlier novel The Alligators of Abraham, along with an election that seemed to tap into many of Kloss’s preferred themes. With both in mind, I reached out for a couple of question on the new edition, Kloss’s thoughts on […]

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A Violent Story of Zealotry and History: Robert Kloss’s “The Revelator” Reviewed

The problem with using words like mesmerizing, outstanding, and powerful to describe a novel is that a few generations of lazy reviewers have rendered them almost meaningless. That being said, if we go back to the dictionary and apply their original meaning minus the damage caused by overuse, they perfectly describe Robert Kloss’ The Revelator. At once a poetic exploration of religious fervor/madness and a fictionalized retelling of Joseph Smith’s life and the beginning of the Church of Jesus Christ […]

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