Scott Adlerberg on the Haunted Landscapes of “The Screaming Child”

Scott Adlerberg

It’s very likely that, when you start reading Scott Adlerberg’s The Screaming Child, you think you have a sense of where it’s going. The narrator is a writer who’s become obsessed with a project of her own: researching the life of a doomed author whose own obsessions got her killed. The narrator is also struggling with the disappearance of her son, a mystery that looms over the proceedings. But the way these different elements come together is repeatedly surprising — and transforms this book into something unpredictable and revelatory. I spoke with Adlerberg about the process of writing this novel and the real-life inspirations for some of its most surreal components.

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Books of the Month: July 2023 Edition

July 2023 Book recommendations

And now it’s July. Most of the time, when we assemble these lists, there are one or two themes that stand out across the books selected. This time out, it’s a little more of a grab bag: a little experimental fiction here, a little translated comics there. Still, we’re very enthusiastic about what the month has in store, including new books from some longtime favorites — and a few Sunday Stories alumni.

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