Vol. 1 Brooklyn Reading Series is Back!!! Tomorrow at WORD!!!

After a few months layoff, we’re back and we’re hanging out in the basement of our favorite bookstore, WORD.

Featuring Chris Leo, RM O’Brien, Eric Paul and Jillian Weise. Hosted by Jason Diamond of Vol. 1 Brooklyn.  No cover, starts at 7:30pm

Chris Leo
, author of a bunch of books like Feathers Like Leather and White Pigeons, is thee perennially recurring NYC expat. Aside from holding the highest score on the 3 hour NYC Tour Guide Exam and most Vol. 1 appearances, he may also hold the record for “I’m outta here…for good!” pronouncements. Right. This time we’re catching him between self-imposed exiles in Mexico and Spain.

RM O’Brien was born in Oswego, New York in 1983. He was awarded a BA in Liberal Studies from Purchase College only after he agreed to pay $50 to be registered in a “dummy” class. If he is known at all, it is probably as the principal songwriter and singer for Nuclear Power Pants. To date, O’Brien has self-published a small handful of poetic tracts which he leaves around wherever, and he curates the monthly reading series WORMS in Baltimore, Maryland, where he lives with a man, a woman, and a dog.

Eric Paul is a writer and musician living in Providence, RI. He is the lead singer and lyricist for the bands Arab On Radar + Chinese Stars. He has released 3 books on Heartworm Press: I Offered Myself As The Sea, Love In The Monkey Cage, and Pussy Pow Wow.
Eric never forgets to brush his teeth and comb his hair but always seems to forget to take his medication.

Jillian Weise’s books are The Amputee’s Guide to Sex and Translating the Body (Soft Skull). Her poem “Incision” was broadcast on Poetry Everywhere (PBS). She was a fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center before joining the faculty at Clemson University.