Vol. 1 Presents: Civic Pride “Best of Chicago” with Adam Levin, Jami Attenberg and Free Beer

On November 5th, we will be hosting the first of our newest series called Civic Pride, and the idea is to have a few readers who are from, or have stories from a particular city, state or country, and couple their stories with free beer and/or food from the particular place we’re highlighting.

For the first installment, Chicago is the city we will focus on, and we have 2 readers who have put out books this year that will surely end up on our “best of” list.   The first is our pal who we really can’t get enough of, Jami Attenberg, whose most recent book, The Melting Season, is still one of our favorite of 2010.  And since she’s from Buffalo Grove, Il. (30 minutes outside Chicago’s city limits) this is yet another excuse to get her up on stage.  The other is Adam Levin.  Adam’s epic book, The Instructions, is a monster.  Our pals over at The Rumpus recently made it their book club selection, and all across the board, people who are halfway through the 1,000+ page epic are collectively muttering, “holy shit.”  We are also going to have one more reader, but who that person is has to remain a secret for a few more days.

Not only do you get to hear Jami and Adam read and speak about the Windy City, but you also get to drink amazing beer from there.  Yes, the kind people at Goose Island have given us some free beer to distribute amongst the audience for no cost.

All of this is going down November 5th at WORD in Greenpoint, at 7:30.  The event is free.