Cinematic: Adapted Borges & Fall Soundtracking

Posted by Tobias Carroll

One: Warren Ellis brings news that Alex Cox’s adaptation of Jorge Luis Borges’s “Death and the Compass” is now streaming online. It can be seen here at Daily Motion, via BFI Films. Cox’s thoughts on the film can be read here.
Two: At Big Other, AD Jameson on the 1987 film Hail the New Puritan, which looks fascinating:

Hail the New Puritan (1987) is a feature-length film directed by Charles Atlas. The choreography is by a very young Michael Clark, who was then still the enfant terrible of the London dance scene, famous for his post-punk ballet. (He later went on to play Caliban in Peter Greenaway’s magnificent Prospero’s Books (1991); today he’s a well-respected choreographer.)

And that’s not even getting into the whole “music by The Fall” thing.

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