Vol. 1 Brooklyn Prepares to Dominate Piethos Reading Series

Dear Corey from Book Thug Nation,

Prepare to lose your crown.

Dear everybody else,

Prepare for Tobias Carroll to run wild all over your asses, this Friday night.  The pie is ours.

Brooklyn, NY–Slice magazine
proudly announces the second installment of Piethos, a competitive reading series that pits blogs, magazines, publishing houses, bookstores, and other Brooklyn-based literary organizations against one another to win a delicious, locally sourced pie.

Piethos II: Appley Ever After happens Friday, December 17th, at 7:30, at Legion Bar, 790 Metropolitan Ave., in Brooklyn. There is no charge for this event.

Each organization has issued a challenge to one of their peers (and rivals),
and tasked someone from within their ranks to answer the challenge
issued to them. On Friday, the representing organizations will each read
their pieces to a skeptical audience. The crowd will then vote on who
best fulfilled their challenge and delivered and enjoyable piece.

Examples of challenges from the first Piethos: “Have a conversation via text
message. Use this conversation as the basis of your piece.” “Get a fortune cookies. Use all the words in the fortune, and have the theme of the the story be the exact opposite of the fortune.”

The challenges this time around promise to be just as imaginative, and may or may not involve Four Loko (spoiler: yes, one definitely does).

The readers are:

Defending Piethos Champion Corey Eastwood from BOOK THUG NATION (www.bookthugnation.com).

Tobias Caroll from VOL. 1 BROOKYLN (www.vol1brooklyn.com).

Lauren Spohrer from GIGANTIC MAGAZINE (www.thegiganticmag.com).

Sian Evans and Ian F. King from SLICE MAGAZINE (www.slicemagazine.org).

And in a mystery-shrouded cameo, Oliver Miller from THE FASTER TIMES (www.thefastertimes.com).

The winner will get a pie courtesy Greenpoint’s Fat and Flour. The losers will wallow in Piethos.

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