Sunday Stories: “The Parallel of Water & Air”


The Parallel of Water & Air
by Jesi Bender




No man’s life is his own.  He exists for others, in others.  “No man is an island.”

Perhaps he is more the ocean.  He touches every edge as an unwalkable bridge.  He evaporates, an ether absorbed and expelled.  And, of course, he rocks, restless, against, against, against.

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Fearless and Loving Near Las Vegas: A Review of Lisa Carver’s “The Pahrump Report”

Lisa Carver cover

There is a moment in her new book The Pahrump Report, when Lisa Carver responds to a question about her occupation by answering: “I am a writer.” Yet in that moment, the word “writer” struck me as a lacking descriptor for all that Carver does in creating a written work of art. 

The book chronicles a dizzying three-year period of Carver’s life, as she moves across the country with her husband, builds a home, gets divorced, rents an apartment, falls in love, gets betrayed, tries doing stand-up comedy, visits a brothel and has several other Pahrumpian adventures. It’s a piece that most exemplifies Carver’s skill for not just making a living from writing, but more importantly, making her writing from living.

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