Afternoon Bites: Arthur Russell and Peter Zummo, Against “Yellow Submarine,” “The Angry Buddhist” Reviewed, and more

“Beyond the Glass-Reich Titans of Minimalism Industry that overshadowed most of the late-1970s/early-1980s modern classical scene of New York City, previously ignored works continue to surface to varying grades of astonishment and cosmic justice, be it the efforts of composers like Jon Gibson, Yoshi Wada, Charlemagne Palestine, Dickie Landry, or Peter Gordon’s Love of Life Orchestra.” Andy Beta on Arthur Russell and Peter Zummo’s Zummo With an X.

Alison Powell on Seth Greenfield’s The Angry Buddhist.

Jillian Mapes is not a fan of the song “Yellow Submarine.”

Rhino has launched a “digital singles” line, which includes Christopher R. Weingarten on the Beastie Boys and Michaelangelo Matos on Chic.

And speaking of Weingarten, here he is on the new album from DJ Rashad: “…he’s footwork’s own Bomb Squad, its Meshuggah, its Billy Higgins, its Black Dice, its Timbaland.”

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