Long Before the new MacBook Pro…

As I type this on my (now out of date) MacBook Pro, I look to my left and see an iPhone.  My wife is sitting a few feet away with a very similar setup. I think this makes us “Apple People.” 

I’ve been using Apple products since sometime in the early 1990s when my father brought home an Apple 2GS.  To this day I’m not totally sure what prompted him to purchase the Apple product over all the other boxes filled with wires he could have picked out, but the company has stayed in my life since that point, and I don’t know if I foresee that changing anytime in the very close future.

Since I’m such a dedicated Apple guy, I’d really like to ask that they consider bringing back the sweet Apple clothing line they launched in 1986 that’s probably boxed up in a closet somewhere at Apple HQ.

Photos from the line’s catalog were dug up and posted up for your viewing pleasure over at Taxi.

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