Cover Reveal: The Stark Landscapes of Ryan Winters’s “Zeroland”

Zeroland Cover

We’re thrilled to debut the cover artwork for Ryan Winters’s forthcoming novel Zeroland, due out on May 7 from Trepidatio Publishing. The evocative illustration gracing the cover is by artist Leonard Haas; to learn more about the book, read on.

Winters provided the following summary of the novel:

Ten years from now the United States as we know it will cease to exist.

Since the secession of the Southern Fourteen, the Reformed United States has faced its share of crises, from ravaging wildfires to extreme desertification to toxic water supplies. Now, a man has been murdered at a research facility in the Arctic Circle and a deadly alien creature is on the loose.

Inspired by experiences working on the Trans Alaska Pipeline and spurred on by our current political climate, Zeroland follows a group of characters, each with pasts they’d prefer stay buried, doing all they can to survive in a world where life has become defined by environmental devastation. Under the eye of shadowy governmental oversight, the intertwined fates of these people—and perhaps the world—are on the line.

Of the novel, Disintegration author Richard Thomas said, “Zeroland is a haunting, unsettling, gripping novel. The arctic setting will remind you of The Thing, but the originality, secrets, and tension will echo Annihilation, with a dose of cosmic, Lovecraftian horror. A visceral rollercoaster ride, that was hard to put down.”

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