Coming in 2024: Serializing “VCO”

"VCO" image

There’s a long history of serialized fiction in the world, from Charles Dickens’s novels to Stephen King publishing The Green Mile in six parts. Next year, we’ll be joining that tradition by publishing VCO, a novel by James Jacob Hatfield, over the course of 40 weeks. James has more information on the project on his website.

We’re fans of James’s writing, as is Jeff Jackson. Here’s what he had to say about the novel: “Satirical, philosophical, surreal, sexual, metaphysical, and comedic, VCO is a short novel that packs a maximalist punch. Filled with sharp sentences and keen insights, James Jacob Hatfield’s daring story holds up a funhouse mirror to our debauched society and insatiable appetites. This secretly moral book untangles sex, pornography, and love so we can see them with fresh eyes.”

Keep an eye out for VCO on Thursdays in 2024.

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