Luke Arnold and Doc Wyatt on Writing Their New Comic “Essentials”

Essentals cover by Jason Howard

Crowdfunding is currently underway for The Essentials, a new graphic novel from writers Luke Arnold and Doc Wyatt and a staggeringly good selection of artists. Arnold is best-known for his work as an actor — notably on Black Sails and Glitch — but he’s expanded his purview into writing in recent years, and Wyatt has an extensive list of credits in both comics and television.

As for the art? Well, there’s a preview below featuring some of Jason Howard’s work on the book; you might know him from Big GirlsThe Vallars, or Trees. Also contributing to Essentials are DaNi, Glenn Fabry, Vince Locke, Brendan McCarthy, Andrea Mutti, M.K. Perker, and Bill Sienkiewicz.

Here’s what the book’s writers had to say about the project:

Essentials traverses a zombie apocalypse, a deadly space-station, an impossible museum, a wedding between a mortal and a god, and even more twisted locations as our heroes attempt to save people absorbed by their own subjective realities. Not only could we play with genre, but also change our narrators and POV characters as we moved between worlds. As our real world becomes more splintered – and it becomes harder to reach people who see reality differently than we do – it’s been both cathartic and challenging to render that psychological problem in an action-packed, original, and visually exciting way.”– Luke Arnold

“Hopefully one of the things the book will get readers to explore is the question of what really is ‘essential’ to their life. What is essential to them emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc… But if they’re not into all that introspection, it’s also a ripping adventure story!”– Doc Wyatt

Essentials page 45

Essentials page 46

Essentials page 47

Essentials page 48

Essentials page 49

The Kickstarter campaign for The Essentials, from The Lab Press, is on now.

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