The Punches 

Paula + Gian
The Punches: Some words on Giancarlo DiTrapano, on the 1 year anniversary of his death

Gian published me twice in his journal, affectionately known as the Tyrant. The first time I didn’t know him well, but by the second time, we were close. We stayed close until his death. I had a crush on him as we began to get to know each other, and on a cigarette break during some reading in Brooklyn —in, like 2007? — he had fucked a priest in Hell’s Kitchen — I think behind a building. I asked, how was it? He said it was great. That was how I realized we were not on the same team. We both were on team friendship and as our friendship grew, we agreed on so many writers and books — the journals of Cheever was a particular bonding moment. At the beginning of publishing the Tyrant journal, he’d publish the work of dead, unfashionable writers — F Scott Fitzgerald, Tennessee Williams.

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Almost Live at Mellow Pages: Giancarlo DiTrapano

In this episode we get to hang out with publisher and mad genius Giancarlo DiTrapano of Tyrant Books. We rap about almost everything anyone would ever want to talk about—growing up weird, finding one’s self, the publishing industry, cluster headaches and miracle cures, psilocybin, West Virginia, dogs, and love in its many varied and wonderful forms. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did in making it. Giancarlo is love. This will be the last episode of […]

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Morning Bites: Camus the (almost) Jew, Marriage Plot movie, Lethem’s week, new Walkmen, and more

Scott Rudin bought the rights to Jeffrey Eugenides’ bestselling novel The Marriage Plot.  Remember back in the day (3 weeks ago) when HBO was buying every book that ever came out? Albert Camus: almost a Jew. Giancarlo DiTrapano (New York Tyrant) is interviewed at Dark Sky Magazine. Writer and organizer of literary events in Hudson, NY, Chloe Caldwell, is interviewed by Electric Literature. Jonathan Lethem’s book of essays, The Ecstasy of Influence, is reviewed. Lethem is visiting the People’s Library at Occupy […]

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