The Punches 

Paula + Gian
The Punches: Some words on Giancarlo DiTrapano, on the 1 year anniversary of his death

Gian published me twice in his journal, affectionately known as the Tyrant. The first time I didn’t know him well, but by the second time, we were close. We stayed close until his death. I had a crush on him as we began to get to know each other, and on a cigarette break during some reading in Brooklyn —in, like 2007? — he had fucked a priest in Hell’s Kitchen — I think behind a building. I asked, how was it? He said it was great. That was how I realized we were not on the same team. We both were on team friendship and as our friendship grew, we agreed on so many writers and books — the journals of Cheever was a particular bonding moment. At the beginning of publishing the Tyrant journal, he’d publish the work of dead, unfashionable writers — F Scott Fitzgerald, Tennessee Williams.

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Vol.1 Brooklyn’s May 2021 Book Preview

May 2021 books

Well, it’s May. The last two weeks have brought to mind both winter and summer; evidently, spring this year is going for more of a median than an actual season. Much like that fluctuation, May brings with it a wide-ranging cohort of books, encompassing everything from bold travelogues to surreal comics. What are we excited about reading this month? Here are a few of the books that caught our eye.

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